• poetry

    Autumn Fairy

    A poem I wrote, dedicated to main characters on my fae stories – Raven Aen and Daman Allaid 🙂

    you are drowning in autumnal colors
    swallowing the light of a faint young sun
    your hair drink the gossamer bliss

    you were my captive, my woven wonder
    you tucked my heart in the cradle made with invisible threads
    created air that with both breathe with

    I am drowning in fallen leaves
    wooden fingers, metal beaks, copper spiders
    buttons on the tree bark –
    those which fulfill tangled wishes

    The rusted season swallows us both
    let me summon the roses
    let me summon the thorns
    a spell that lasts until blinding white licks our skin

  • sitely

    Welcome, mortal creature

    We are made of starlight and green limbs of the earth. We are deceiving eyes, waiting for their prey, while vast overgrowth whispers our names, chants our titles.

    Trees lick the blood and suck the darkness from our veins.

    Welcome to the unseelie court.